Rextar X Handheld X-ray

Lightweight and Compact Design.

The Polaroid X-Ray Generator is built to perform. Lightweight with a digital color screen and 4 simple buttons.

Ergonomic Dental Handpiece Design

Designed with your safety in mind. Protecting the operator’s body, hand, and other areas close to the device radiation exposure with our double shield protection.

Smart Buttons

Four buttons to memorize your needs.  Set up the exposure values onto each button. If you have a typical patient type, categorize them into a specific button Adult/Child, and their type of teeth; the upper or lower section of the mouth, Canine tooth or molar for another.

Other Features

Aid to Diagnose

Clear X-Ray image is obtained while decreasing the radiation dose.

Other Features

Registration Number K132041

Approved by international quality organizations such as CE, KFDA, and FDA.

Additional Features

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