Bow Wood Dental

Rear Support Treatment Centre

  • Rear Support Cabinet 42” Wide
  • Rear Support Cabinet 34” Wide
  • Rear Support Cabinet, One Sink
  • Rear Support Cabinet, Two Sinks
  • Rear Support Cabinet, Wall Hung Upper Storage Units
  • Rear Support Cabinet, No Upper Storage Unit

Rear Support PEX

Centre Island Console

  • Centre Island Console, 106”/112” Length
  • Centre Island Console, 90”/96” Length
  • Centre Island Console, Tall, 106”/112”
  • Centre Island Console, Tall, 90”/96”
  • Centre Island Console, No Rear Storage, 56” Length
  • Centre Island Console, No Rear Storage, 40” Length
  • Centre Island Wash Station
  • X-Ray Pass Through with Trim Kit

Side Support Treatment Centre

  • Side Cabinet, 57” Wide
  • Side Cabinet, 57” Wide , Toe End Sink
  • Side Cabinet, 57” Wide, No Sink
  • Wash Station with Square End Storage (Round End Storage Available)
  • Wash Station with Drawer Storage and Round End Storage
  • Upper Storage Cbinet
  • Glove, Cup and Towel Dispenser

Sterilization Centre

  • 10” Sterilization Centre
  • 12” Sterilization Centre
  • Restocking Module
  • Galley Style Sterilization Centre
  • L – Shaped Sterilization Centre

Mobile Carts

  • Mobile Cart, Doctor’s Cart MCD – 18
  • Mobile Cart, Assistance’s Cart MCA – 18
  • Mobile Cart, Utility Cart MCU – 18
  • Mobile Cart, Ortho Cart MC0
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